WordPress Form Builder

A community developed form builder with CiviCRM integration for WordPress

Caldera Forms is a free plugin for WordPress that allows users to create sophisticated forms on their website. Over this past summer Andrei Mondoc, a CiviCRM community member, developed a plugin that integrates Caldera Forms and CiviCRM. We can create a form in WordPress and the data is processed in CiviCRM. Prior to this integration being available, creating complex forms in WordPress would require custom development or a paid plugin.

In this workshop we will explore some ways in which this integration can be used on your website to capture contact details and engage with your audience. These include:

  • Contact entity
    • Capture up to 10 Contact processors on the same form
    • Auto-populate form if the user is logged in
    • Checksum support to auto-populate form with URLs like example.com/support?cid={contact.contact_id}&{contact.checksum}
    • Contact Type: Organization, Individual, Household, Custom Type
    • Contact Subtypes
    • Custom Fields
  • Activity entity
  • Relationship entity
  • Group entity
  • Tag entity
  • Address entity
  • Email entity
  • Phone entity
  • Note entity

We will explore the ways data can be captured and added into CiviCRM and explore use cases where this can be a powerful tool. Lastly we can discuss and explore ways we can work together to continue developing this integration.

Dana Skallman
Thursday, September 22
Time Slot: 
3:40pm - 4:50pm
Paint Branch