Ginkgo Street Labs

Full-service Hosting, Expert Custom Development, Integrations, and Mobile App Development.

We relish the custom work and derive great satisfaction from doing organizational assessments and CiviCRM implementations. From requirements gathering, to data migrations, deployment and training, we will guide you through it. We are familiar with the unique needs of small and medium sized nonprofits and will skillfully manage your projects to meet your priorities in the most efficient way possible. Find out about our latest work on our website:

Our technology philosophy is human-centric. People power is key to advancing the causes of nonprofit and advocacy organizations; technology should empower individuals rather than attempt to replace or de-emphasize their roles. For us, this means listening to our customers and really understanding what drives them so we can suggest the best solution to help them realize their vision.

Why we're sponsoring: 

The user community is what makes CiviCRM so great. We never stop learning from our clients and we always find unexpected ways CiviCRM is being used to build strong communities.